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KIPS TIPS Nov 2017

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Give the gift of brain-building tips and activities to your busy families to weave into their daily routines as a follow-up to KIPS parenting assessments. 
Guide them to download the VROOM app, printed tip sheets or key cards.
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VROOM is a national initiative that highlights the importance of the first 5 years of life to build brain-building activities for children.  VROOM offers more than 1000 Tips and Activities to enhance daily parent-child interactions with a short explanation, “Brainy Background” for each tip to explain why the interaction is useful in building babies’ brains and developmental skills.  VROOM is a free resource that can be accessed through a Smartphone app (specific to child's age) or downloaded as printed tip sheets/cards. It’s available in English and Spanish and is being translated to other languages, such as Chinese and Russian.  If you’re looking for a mobile resource to boost your sessions with families, or want to give a gift parents can carry with them wherever they go, check out the VROOM website. Go to to learn about this amazing resource, tap into the VROOM app and sign up for the newsletter.

This resource is so exciting that the Early Learning Division of the Oregon Department of Education, partnered with the Bezos Foundation for a statewide launch to pilot VROOM in 20 community programs serving families with young children. Learn more in a webinar.  They aim to weave VROOM into existing services such as home visits, parenting classes, early intervention sessions, group therapy, group socializations, library activities, and WIC waiting areas.  Several communities also use VROOM for advertisements on Facebook pages, park benches, electronic billboards, posters and brochures in places that families with young children visit regularly to build public awareness of the brain-building potential during the first 5 years.

Here's a little background.  VROOM tools were developed through discussions with families of young children, brain and child development scientists and early childhood practitioners.  VROOM tips and tools embrace these key principles:

  • Be nonjudgmental - no rights or wrongs
  • Speak in the voice of peers using parent-friendly language
  • Aim at doing “more and better”, rather than “most and best”
  • Meet parents where they are in their homes and communities
  • Celebrate identities that parents embrace
  • Share the science behind activities

VROOM expands on the healthy first relationships between children and their parents/caregivers early in life.  The easy-to-use tips and tools prompt parents to create interactive activities that engage their children using simply 5 Brain Building Basics:  Look + Chat + Follow + Stretch + Take Turns

Using these basic strategies, parents can take advantage of teachable moments during daily family routines. [VROOM webinar, Early Learning Division, Oregon Dept. of Education]

Give your families the gift of VROOM brain-building tips and activities that fit busy schedules at their convenience.


Welcome New KIPSters! 

CASE WV Home Visitation Early Head Start, Bluefield, WV

Centre Psychosocial, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Clay-Braxton PAT, Clay, WV

Doddridge County Starting Points, West Union, WV

Edith Cowan University, Perth, West Australia, Australia

Family Support Services, Philadelphia, PA

Kelsey Repka, Bronx, NY

Lewis County Family Resource Network, Weston, WV

Little River Medical Center, Little River, NY

Martinich Enterprises, Hugo, CO

MBU Auckland New Zealand, Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

MN Families United, Roseville, MN

Monarch House, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Ohio County MIHOW Program, Wheeling, WV

Solange & Associates, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Community Crossing PAT, Welch, WV

Vidal Perez, Providence, RI


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