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KIPS TIPS January 2013

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This KIPS TIPS returns to Voices From the Field. Read a wonderful teen Mom's heartfelt letter to the Sixpence Program in Nebraska.

Diana shares:

  • What she learned form her KIPS assessment,
  • How her Home Visitor built her confidence, and the
  • Impact on her 3-year-old son as he started preschool.

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Happy 2013!



Diana started her junior year of high school different than other kids, she was a mom of a newborn.

Sixpence has made so many differences in our lives. Over the years I have learned new ways to interact and play with Jake. I have learned to follow his lead, and talk to him more about the things he is doing. I sit next to him and ask him questions about what he is making. I have a better understanding of what a difference being an involved parent can make on my child.

Often my home visitor would come out and talk about how Jake was doing developmentally. She was able to show me what kind of things a typical child should be able to do, and through that we were able to come up with goals on what we needed to work on with Jake. She helped me be able to teach him new things. She taught me different activities I could do with Jake when she wasn’t there.

Through these programs I had the opportunity to be around other teen moms and their children. The friendships I formed within Ridley’s Program gave me extra support and I felt as though I wasn’t alone. Jake is an only child and did not have a lot of opportunities to interact with other children. By attending the socials Jake was able to learn manners, sharing, and how to play with other children.

Last week was Jake’s first day of Preschool at Ridley Public Schools. His teacher told me he is doing wonderfully, playing well with new friends, and is eager to learn new things. I felt like everything we had done for him over the last three years made such a huge difference in how ready and happy he is.

I feel that the main benefit I personally received from Ridley’s Sixpence Program was their support. I had someone who was in my corner who only wanted the very best for Jake and I.

Confidence isn’t something a teen mom has a lot of. Even today when I am at the park a mom will say, “you look young” When I say that I was sixteen when I had him, I get the “stereo typical look” you know, I must be a bad parent, dropped out of high school, etc. Ridley’s Program taught me that I was better than the stereo type. I was an incredible mother who could do anything. They were always there to tell me what a great job I was doing. One day my visitor came over with a laminated piece of paper. It was a score sheet on a parent interaction video that they had recorded with Jake and I called KIPS [ADD LINK]. I had a perfect score!! That laminated piece of paper made my day. Being a part of the Sixpence program gave me the self esteem I needed. I now know that I am a wonderful mom who just happens to be a teen.

Through the help of my family, friends and Sixpence I was able to see that every door was still open for me. I’m proud to say that I am now a Sophomore in college pursuing my nursing degree.

Because of Ridley’s Sixpence program, I knew that every week my visitor was going to come in with something fun for Jake and I to do together. I knew that both him and I were going to learn something new that day.


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