Mindful Parenting - a gift worth giving! Thanks for promoting a gift that shields the impact of child poverty and builds resilience.
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KIPS TIPS Dec 2015

Being Mindful - A Gift Worth Giving

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Mindful Parenting is about paying attention intentionally and without judgmentMFC_snow_play.jpg to the present moment with your child. That's a gift worth giving every day, and especially during the busy holiday season.  To help us learn more, Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn developed a video, The Healing Power of Mindful Parentingof how parents can apply mindfulness to their family lives to enrich their relationships with their children and their own well-being.  You can support parents in giving a gift worth giving - being mindful with their children.  That means paying attention and being present in each and every moment.  Being mindful - a gift worth giving to our children, family, friends and colleagues.  It's priceless.

Warm Wishes for the Holidays!
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Child Poverty - Your Work Makes a Difference

As we move into the holiday season, we are so grateful for all that you do to enhance the lives of the families you serve.  Your work is especially critical for the families who are struggling to make ends meet.  A new census report details the most current statistics (2014) for children and families in the United States.  The new poverty statistics are sadly too familiar.  It's still hard to believe that 21.1% of US children under age 18 and 23.5% of US children under age 6 live in poverty.  Even worse, more than half, 55.1% of US children under 6 years who live in families headed by single mothers live in poverty! 

What does this enormous poverty rate mean for children’s early brain development, their future learning, and their ability to function in our fast-paced global society?  ZERO TO THREE has taken action to bring this issue front and center to the US Congress.  ZERO TO THREE is a national, nonprofit organization that offers parents, professionals and policymakers information, training and resources for nurturing the early development of infants and toddlers.  ZERO TO THREE just released a compelling infographic that shows how poverty negatively impacts babies’ brain development and results in learning gaps for children when compared to their more advantaged peers.  Beyond drawing attention to the severe impact of poverty, this infographic points out the important fact that:

 Strong nurturing relationships help build healthy brains.

These relationships buffer children from harmful stress and

strengthen brain development in key areas that affect academic success.

We join ZERO TO THREE in inviting readers to share this infographic to send a clear and urgent message to their families, friends, communities, and Congress Members to invest in supports for ALL parents to help them nurture their young children and create early learning opportunities. 

As we’ve discussed in several KIPS blogs (1, 2), it has been suggested that much of the impact of poverty on child development operates through its disruption of parenting and family life. The research is clear; parenting is key in shielding children from the negative effects of poverty and building coping skills for resilience .  Investing in supporting nurturing parenting yields benefits over a lifetime and across future generations.  By intervening in parenting we address a major contributor to the impact of poverty on children. This is not only a winning investment of your time and effort for our children and families; it is a wise investment for our country’s future.

Download our Paper:

Nine Ways Parenting Assessment Can Make a Difference
in Family Support Programs 
parenting assessment matters to children



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